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Sous Le SoleilCrystal D'Esprit
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Crystal D'Esprit  - The Foundling - Zurich Film Festival 2022

Crystal D'Esprit - The Foundling - Zurich Film Festival 2022

Film by Director Barney Cokeliss. Film Score by Crystal D'Esprit for the Zurich International Film Scoring Festival 2022. Composed for symphony orchestra. A beautiful short film about the 1920's and 30's Freak show. A baby with a horn on his head is given to the circus by his mother. She later reunites with him and whilst he is performing as the "unicorn boy" there is an instant connection. She runs away and he chases her through the fairground where they meet in the arena where the circus performers are performing. He reaches out to touch her and is knocked over by a clown, protecting him from the trapeze act practicing. His mother drops her watch and runs off again. He collects the watch and goes back to his carriage with his girlfriend and then the carriages drive off. I had a fantastic experience composing this score as I had to study jazz form and combine it with classical scoring, encompassing seven separate cues in this film and the film is exquisite. Composing magic and mystery and staying true to the era as well as crafting the climactic emotional end sequence was a real journey in it's self. Learning about freak shows and their importance. Also the history of Jazz and why Jazz is such an important form for the freedom of expression within barriers was also a really insightful journey that has added a depth and colour to my pallet. Thank you to Zurich Film Festival for this fantastic opportunity. Much love Crystal D'Esprit #filmscorecomposer #classical #jazz #composition #zurichfilmfestival #cinematic #emotional #filmscore #drama #shortfilm

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