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Cracking the nut!

Cracking the nut and starting the patch from early beginnings meant refreshing myself with the right tool to use for the right job, a little like the squirrel cracking the nut with a nutcracker.

The photograph was taken by "a photographer in Bishops Garden in Sweeden"

(CGTVN, 2018) showing a squirrel with a nut cracker.

Something they do all the time, yet making good use of new technology or a new tool.

Refreshing myself with PureData meant going right back to basics, what exactly in it's basic form do I need the tool to do?

So this first tiny patch shows the current start made and accomplished.

The patch has to be able to take audio from your microphone, enable you to record for four seconds of audio, store it and enable that sample to be played back.

Pure data is an object orientated graphical programming environment so handily there are some GUI features which can be colour coded and their properties can be explored to make them longer in length and perform for longer periods.

The standard sample duration for one second of audio for instance is 41000 so for the array / table in this patch the total duration is 5 seconds and 205000 samples in length.

So to crack the nut of enabling the record and capture from the adc~ (microphone) the parameter for the properties of the table had to reflect the duration in time.

The tabplay~ object needed a boost on the overall volume before reaching the dac~ (output) which you can see in the micro patch.

The bangs have been colour enhanced for easy to read and locate as the patch grows and the GUI (general user interface) elements naturally propagate as the patching builds.

The patch below is a sampler that will take the input from the microphone and store it and enable replay and a rewriting of the audio file and forms the very basic layer of cracking the nut.

Identified in this micropatch are the other problems that are needing to be solved through pure data.

small pure data patch performing as a sampler.
sampler from microphone micropatch PureData


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