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made interactive

MADE interactive clases enable children to bring their imaginations to life. 

Bringing professional tools and education whilst being fun, entertaining and

the children take the lead.


They direct the show and the process and create their own unique works. 

MADE interactive classes builds self esteem, creative thinking, problem solving and social skills and empowers them with the know how to realise their imaginations. 

MADE interactive combines:







In a unique style of supported education the creative project is

chosen by the children,

directed by the children,

performed and recorded by the children,

produced by the children and at the end of the workshop

they are able to realise their own production

have gained valuable lifelong skills, memories and knowledge

and can proudly say

made this! 


Some of the children's work. 

You make me sparkle. 

This is a song written, recorded and produced by children aged 5 - 11years using all sorts of instrumentation.

All lyrics and music they wrote and produced themselves including the title.  . 

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