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Crystal D'Esprit

Crystal's past works have been compared to the magic of Disney when broadcast on the BBC on radio and iPlayer and her works on piano likened to Ludovico Einaudi.


Most recently Crystal's work with film score established her in the top 10% in the world of emerging composers in the CINE Golden Eagle 2018 film scoring contest. The score features implemented game audio techniques (binaural) for a more detailed location distribution of the sounds within the sound stage.


The 8D immersive sound is a great way to bring a more refined and realistic immersive experience to a listener wearing headphones.


In VR games implementation of audio in an 8D spatial surround sound production really brings the listener into the action. 

Crystal has a degree in sound for games and apps obtained from the University of St Mark and St John and a degree in creative audio technology from Bournemouth University. 

Crystal composes for film game and multimedia projects as well as create unique sound fonts that express your unique identity. 

Crystal's main passion aside from composing is her dedication to making composition and sound creation easy and fun for children. 

Crystal provides workshops and develops tools for children that enable the power of composition to be placed into their hands to make their ideas become real. 

Do be sure to have a look at the MADE interactive page for more details of how to support or get involved.