Born on the 8th of August 1979 in Bristol, as a child, she was classically trained on the flute and performed in regional and national orchestras in the United Kingdom.


She performed on stage in pantomimes with Honor Blackman and Eric Sykes and gave her first flute solo recital by the age of 10.


Her earliest inspirations with music for film and game, growing up in the 1980s & '90s came from Giorgio Moroder with The Never Ending Story and notably Chi Mai by Ennio Morricone from her parent's music collection along with lots of 8bit + tunes from favourite games.


For game scores, her greatest inspiration comes from the great Nobuo Uematsu who's compositions brought the Final Fantasy series to a deep audience following that exists today especially with FFVII and retro chiptunes from consoles and computers of that time.   


After school Crystal broke away from her classical beginnings and played in rock and pop bands and jammed with bands from blues to jazz and in her late teens found Manumission in Ibiza as a dancer. 


Passionate about dance music and electronic music production on her return she studied music production and creative audio technology which opened the doors she was looking for into synthesis and sound design manipulation in 3D. 


Combining skills her compositional voice

enables Crystal to compose to brief and

create music for micro and large scale

works. Making the music and atmosphere

for projects really shine with their own

distinctive sound.



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