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Composer / Sound Designer

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I specialise in music composition and sound design for film, game and musical storytelling, composing and arranging for orchestra and creating soundscapes using foley, sound manipulation and incorporating electronic instruments to create atmospherics and ambient spaces. 


I love crafting memorable thematic music that provokes a lasting connection with the audience.  Each work offers a new challenge to delve into various forms and styles that reflect the time and place of the story. Leading me to adopt different music forms like; Tango, Jazz, Classical, EDM, Pop, music and even 8Bit chip tunes and sometimes creating sound through scripting and graphical programming. 

This year I have been selected as a finalist representing the UK in the Apulia Soundtrack Awards and will be attending Carovigno to meet with academy award winning composers and directors such as Cyril Morin in Italy.





The Apulia Emerging Composers awards can be found at:


Cyril Morin's work can be seen at:


Last year I was announced as one of the winners of “Foley the world” and placed 4th from over 4200 entries worldwide for bringing a silent movie to life with foley capture and sound manipulation.


One of my animated scores has been compared to Disney by the BBC, and I have had my music aired on radio and TV.  

Currently I'm composing my first Symphony (lovely challenge) and I freelance as a composer and sound designer for film, game and sonic sculpture. 

Music, Sound  
production & education

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Composition and Sound Design - Film & Game. 

Foley capture, sound design & Music Composition for film and game. 

Arrangement & Orchestration for full symphony orchestra. 

Recording Session
Music performance and coaching.

Vocal coaching, musicianship,

Performance & Industry Mentoring. Solo performers or groups. 

MADE interactive

Professional sound and music workshops for children.


Interactive and fun education for the wider community, online, in festivals, schools, and events. 

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